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UK AI consulting, model development, NLP

Wizzy AI

Wizzy is an Enterprise grade AI search solution for e-commerce to maximize Sales Conversion and inspires Brand Loyalty.

Artificial Intelligence course in Chennai

Artificial Intelligence certificate is been designed for professionals Tpwith an aptitude for statistics and a background in a programming language such as Python, R, etc. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning training help students in building AI applications, understanding Neural, Network Architectures, structuring algorithms for new AI machines and minimizing errors through advanced optimization techniques.

Invest in COVID-19 VACCINE, save the world from CoronaVirus

Today every person on Earth has been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Airplanes are grounded, borders are closed, businesses are shut, citizens are forced into quarantine, and governments are taking spontaneous emergency decisions undermining the principles of democracy. All this, if not stopped shortly, can lead to chaos and unrests. Currently HTTP://WWW.ST-lF.COM is proud to represent the world-wide scientific community, by fundraising for COVID-19 Vaccine Development. It is a responsibility of every human-being to put every effort to fight the deadly virus. Your support is needed to develop a vaccine ASAP! Every 1$ makes a difference. Please, take a moment to review our campaigns HTTP://WWW.ST-lF.COM

Role: Chief Technology Officer for ML/ AI SAAS Start-up

Role: Chief Technology Officer for ML/ AI SAAS Start-up Company Overview Viewstar Artificial Intelligence Limited (Viewstar) is a cutting edge SAAS start-up focussed on the creative industry – content creators as well as the platforms. Viewstar’s technology would...

Neural Machine Translation

It is ideal to choose a company that vouches to offer transcript translation services with maximum accuracy and high-quality transcript translation at a quick delivery. The best example is Click For Translation, one of the most reliable companies for transcript translation services, that mainly focuses on providing 98% accuracy and faster turnaround.

Autointelli AIOps Platform

Our platform is a duo of AI and robust machine learning algorithms that help the IT Operations team, Service Desk, NOC/SOC teams by creating alerts after correlating similar events together. It automatically initiates and updates tickets by running appropriate virtual...

Draup Talent

Draup is an AI-Driven reskilling and talent intelligence platform that provides in-depth insights on the talent ecosystem.


WSAI 2020 is a content-focused event. Every presentation – be it a poster or an oral one – is carefully vetted by our prestigious scientific committee. They ensure that the topics covered by the program are both informative and relevant. The success of the previous editions proves that when an event is created around high-quality content the attendees get real value out of the two days of the conference.


ParallelDots has created some of the most cutting edge Artificial Intelligence-powered text and visual intelligence APIs. These APIs can be woven into the very fabric of your website by a developer.