Role: Chief Technology Officer for ML/ AI SAAS Start-up

Company Overview

Viewstar Artificial Intelligence Limited (Viewstar) is a cutting edge SAAS start-up focussed on the creative industry – content creators as well as the platforms. Viewstar’s technology would enable clients to deliver interactive content to their viewers without disrupting their viewing experience. Our core engine is driven by deep learning powered by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. We feel confident that our offering has potential to disrupt the current ecommerce and video streaming business models.

We are in search of an ambitious CTO who will lead this quest for Viewstar.

Viewstar is private limited company headquartered in the U.K. We have formally engaged a law firm, an accounting firm and a patenting attorney to guide us towards the first fund raise currently targeted for mid-2020.

About the Founder

Shreedhar Munshi incorporated Viewstar in January 2020, having worked on the concept for nearly six months prior to that. He is the sole founder of the business albeit has a close-knit group of advisors with expertise in software, UX/UI, ecommerce and venture capital, who have provided strategic direction to Viewstar thus far.

Shreedhar is passionate towards media and technology sectors having been an investment banker focussed on digital media, consumer and technology sectors since 2004. Shreedhar has a strong roster of senior relationships in TV and Film industry across developed and emerging markets. He is a qualified chartered accountant and holds a master’s in business administration with focus on entrepreneurship and strategy from London Business School.

Job Summary

The CTO will be one of the founding pillars of Viewstar and will oversee all technical aspects of the development of its core machine learning platform. The individual would be responsible for setting a coherent strategic path to achieve the business vision, hire the right development team and engage with stakeholders and clients whilst setting a collaborative and inclusive work culture. The CTO will ensure that all ML systems undergo rigorous research, designing, developing, testing, implementation and evaluation.

Viewstar is seeking an entrepreneurial individual who shares our vision and values, can work through the complexity and ambiguity and has a ‘let’s do this’ mindset.

Key Responsibilities

  • Contributes to formulating the strategic direction and goals of the product
  • Champions the build-up of the development team
  • Designs machine learning systems, deep learning, artificial intelligence, data mining and analytic focused systems including research and implementation of ML algorithms, tools, and learning applications
  • Evaluate best of breed platforms and APIs for product fit
  • Strategizes development/ enhancement of product functionality
  • Ensures quality of ML through research and testing
  • Integrate third party applications, and fine-tune performance through development
  • Understands and manipulates datasets to formulate prototypes
  • Decides the methodology for approaching datasets and data representation
  • Trains and retrains systems where applicable
  • Expands ML libraries and frameworks.
  • Collaborates with others to architect appropriate solutions of scale for future growth


Academic Background

  • Master’s or higher degree in Computer Science/ Data Science/ Artificial Intelligence
  • Overall 10+ years of experience in the machine learning field, working with or building AI-based products/ platforms/ solutions, which includes experience in:
  • Cloud computing technologies
  • A product-oriented role; experience with delivering software – unit testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery
  • Building enterprise level software with customer management and billing systems
  • Industry experience with software such as Git and Jira
  • Full stack developer who’s proficient in Django Python and PHP
  • Experience developing on platforms such as Docker, Rancher, and Kubernetes is useful
  • Experience with video/ streaming platforms will be preferred
  • Experience working in start-up environment is valuable
  • Prior CTO experience ideal but not a must


Specific Traits

  • Inspires creativity and innovation through their leadership; fosters collaboration, learning, and a shared vision. People management skills are essential
  • Identify and develop creative solutions to problems that may arise
  • Excellent verbal, written communication skills, and attention to detail
  • Able to balance priorities and meet deadlines; ability to work under pressure
  • Able to work independently and as a member of a multidisciplinary agile driven team
  • Takes initiative and has a high level of ambition, motivation, and passion
  • Should have a strong analytical mindset and be self-organized


• Competitive structure akin to a co-founder’s compensation package


• Shreedhar Munshi: