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The AI community has always had a philosophy of sharing ideas and code with the rest of the community. This approach continues in both the commercial and academic areas today. At Shared.AI we provide an easy method for people to share their AI advances across the network of Informed.AI sites.

Datasets • Frameworks & Tools  • Algorithms • Platforms • APIs
Hardware • Books • Learning Resources • Applications

and much more.

Share your AI now

Several thousand entries have already been submitted. Support the AI community by sharing information about your product, api or tool.

Entries will be posted across the network of Informed.AI sites.

Entries will be shared on the into.AI directory and news feed as well as on Neurons.AI and Showcase.AI where appropriate. We will also share on social media channels across the Informed.AI network.

Share your AI


Terms & Conditions

  1. All entries will be reviewed and potentially edited before publication. 
  2. Entries will be published on into.AI and where appropriate Neurons.AI and Showcase.AI 
  3. Entries will also be shared on social media channels owned by Informed.AI
  4. The management reserves the right to reject any entry if deemed inappropriate for any reason

Entries will be shared across the Informed.AI network including into.AI, Neurons.AI and Showcase.AI